Trance is just one of the many levels of consciousness and these can be measured scientifically using EG machines and are measured in units of Hertz. These can then be broken down into four levels.

Beta 30 – 13 hertz (panic, hyperactive, twitchy, ok)
Alpha 13 – 8 hertz (calm, quietness, light trance)
Theta 8 – 4 hertz (partial loss awareness to out of body)
Delta 4 – 0.5 hertz (guides controlling to full deep trance) 

Bob works at the Delta level whilst  Maggie works at the Alpha level.  

Trance Healing is an advancement of Spiritual Healing.

First let me explain Spiritual Healing. This is where the person who is the healer acts as a channel for healing energies, from the world of Spirit, allowing this energy to flow through them to the patient. The more the healer is able to attune to the Spirit World the deeper is the healing effect. The healing energy will pass to the patient as the healer places his/her hands lightly on or over the patient's body.

With Trance Healing the medium attunes with the Spirit World. This allows their Healing Guides to come very close into the mediums aura. The deeper the level of trance, the closer the Spirit Guides are able to come into the healers aura.The medium then allows the Spirit Guides to channel this energy and use his/her arms and hands to do the healing work.

We work by having the patient lying on a massage couch, on their front so that our Healing Guides can work on the patient's spine. Because of the complexity of the spine, this is where most of the work is done using the patients chakra’s and their nervous system which runs within the spinal column. This way the healing energy goes to wherever it is needed.

The patient may feel warm energy flowing through their body;some have said they felt so relaxed it was as if they had been anesthetised, others may just have a feeling of well being. It is advisable for the patient to drink water after the healing session and the healing may carry on working from several days to a number of weeks. The time needed for a healing session is between 10 and 20 minutes.

Running parrallel to Bob working on the patients body, Maggie is also working in an altered state overshadowed by a neurologist , Tobias.

Trance Healing sessions with Bob and Maggie are available.


We now have dates available for Demonstrations of Trance Healing, feel free to contact us for further information.